Happy New Year from all of us at UM! Brands!

We sincerely hope that everyone had a wonderful holiday break with their loved ones!
Now that the holiday season is officially over, it’s time to get back to business.

Remember that post we had two weeks ago about an upcoming product that we’re sure everyone would be excited about? Well, if you guessed it right, give yourself a pat on the back: it was a glimpse of our new Note UM! Calendar! Perfect for the New Year, is it not? Instead of buying a 12-month calendar, you can instead purchase the Note UM! Calendar and reuse it over and over again…long after 12 months! The calendars come in four of our most popular colors: Honeysuckle, Peapod, Blue Curacao, and Black.


Note UM! Calendar Note UM! Calendar

Which color(s) would you prefer?
Stay tuned as Note UM! Calendar becomes available on our site! We will be sure to announce it on our Facebook page, Twitter, and Instagram once it is launched online as well. Be sure to stay tuned for more updates from us! Remember, the Note UM! Calendar isn’t our only new product that we’re releasing this year! ;)

- Patty


Our new products and a sneak peek of what’s to come!

It’s been a while, we know. But we’re back on the air once more, and we promise to keep at it!

Here are some quick, but thorough, updates.

Since this past summer (and our last blog post) we have launched new products: the Note UM! Neon, Stick UM! Magnet Extended, Stick UM! Magnet 3 pk., and Hook UM! Extended.

Here is the Note UM! Neon, pictured in pink.

The awesome new Stick UM! Magnet Extended, which of course is -ahem- powered by magnets, as you can see.

For a smaller version of the Stick UM! Magnet Extended, we have the Stick UM! Magnet 3 pk. Similar to our Clip UM! Stationary 3 pk., but with no clip needed. This is especially convenient for keys and, for the ladies, bobby pins!

Lastly, we have the Hook UM! Extended, pictured in Coral Rose. Now, instead of buying four of our Space Shuttle hooks, you can just get a row of hooks! Perfect for sweaters, belts, and scarves.

But alas, what is a possible new product that we will have?

We posted a sneak peek on our social media outlets yesterday:

Hmmm….what could this be? We think it’s something that our loyal fans would be really excited about. I mean, WE at UM! Brands were particularly excited for this one. It’s just SO useful!

With Christmas just days away and the New Year coming up, we just have more to look forward to. New projects, new opportunities,  and of course, new products. So STAY TUNED!





Drop Zones for Home Organization!
10 Great Examples

A great way to keep the home de-cluttered is to create drop-zones at entrances to your house.

Whether its the front door or the hallway to the garage, create a space where you can put your keys, wallet, bags, coats, phones and all your other “life gear”. This also creates a great psychological “unloading” effect when you come home from a long day of work. When you’ve unburdened yourself into a clean receptive space, you can relax knowing that you’re home and you’ve dropped the worries of the world at the door.
Moreover, for those of us with little monster offspring, a drop zone can serve as a vital area where you can collect all their school gear and dirty toys.

What you need for an effective drop zone:

1. Hooks: for coats, bags, keychains, and leashes. (Try using Hook UM!
2. Device Chargers: The drop zone is the perfect place to keep your electronics charged and secure. (Try using Stick UM!
3. Wall Mounted Document Organizers: Great place for mail, bills, maps and other things to take on the road. (Check out these solutions from Office Depot
4. Jars for Change/Scraps: Jars make for great decorative containers for change, tickets, or any other small scraps. (Ikea has a great selection of decorative jars.
5. Baskets: Are great for larger items. (Ikea has a very nice baskets for this purpose.)

Check out 10 awesome examples of clean and well-decorated drop-zones:


Note UM! at the 2012 Housewares Design Awards!

…and we’re back! Last week we were in New York City, overlooking Times Square at the 2012 annual Housewares Design Awards. So what exactly is the Housewares Design Awards? In short, the awards ceremony is a celebration of innovation in design for all housewares-related products. With 12 different product categories, each category names 5 top finalists.

Our product, Note UM!, was a finalist for the category of Home & Outdoor Decor!

Keep scrolling to see pictures from our trip :)

Note UM! Product Display


Chatting with media and other finalists

Spotting Note UM! in the Design Awards Catalogue


Though we weren’t able to walk away with a “Best in Category” award for Home & Outdoor Decor, you’ll now be able to see all of our Note UM! products sporting a new logo on its packaging to indicate our placement as a finalist. This being our first time ever entering the competition, we definitely hope to return for next year…and the next..and so on :P

Stay tuned for new, innovative products from UM! Brands!


Happy 6 Months to THE BEAST!

Today is the 6-month anniversary of one of our earlier prototypes, monikered “The Beast”, who has been sitting on the glass of our QA Lab holding a 5KG (11LB) bag filled with sand. It was mounted on the 26th of April, 2011 and has not moved an inch since! LONG LIVE THE BEAST!

The Beast Up Close The Beast with a Sandbag


Stick UM! at it again!

This is where we keep our whiteboard markers at our California office. These have been up since May and still staying strong. Note the surface is roughish and the markers are cylindrical. Still, doesn’t stop Stick UM! from sticking ‘em up. They never cease to amaze me.



Wall Mounted Organizers: OrganizeUM!

So I finally got around to cleaning my room, like actually clean, as opposed to just re-arranging my stray socks. Over the course of the last month, the pile of debris in the corner of the room has slowly matured into a terrifying mountain of miscellany.

I finally summoned enough courage to scale this beast, and in it, I found the box for my  iPhone 3GS.

It’s an incredibly nice box. I don’t know why, but it just feels wrong to throw it away (something about product packaging to be learned here).
So I suddenly had an idea. And this idea has led to the birth of a new product line concept: Organize-UM!
(Don’t tell Steve Jobs I’m using his packaging as a stationary organizer ;D)

I took a Stick UM! and simply stuck the box halves to it to create two mini floating organizers on my wall.
Take a look at the pictures below and let us know what you think!






Poster tape!

So I love posters. But I HATE trying to put them up.
It sucks to spend $10 on a poster and then have them get all messed up by horrible poster tape which you can only use once. Then they become useless and you have to try to put more poster tape over your old poster tape, until it gets ridiculous and you end up with something like this:

So then I remembered. Oh hey. Don’t I own a company that makes this like, revolutionary sticky tapey material stuff?
Hmm…I wonder if that stuff could work… :)  So I pulled out a pair of scissors and cut the Stick UM! pad into slips of super awesome poster tape.

And BAM! It works AMAZINGLY. :) Check out the gallery for the process and the end result-
I can’t wait to start makin some UM Brands Poster tape for you all :)
Any suggestions for us about this? Let us know in the comments!



Hmm..What can we do with Stick UM?

So to be honest, I never really understood how amazing this Everstik stuff was when we started making it. I mean, it was obviously pretty neat and I could imagine a few cool things we could do with it. But it hasn’t been until recently that my mind has really been blown.

Over the past month, since I had all these samples laying around my house, I figured I might as well use as much of it as I can. And this made me realize just how incredibly useful this material is. Everstik is such an amazing and versatile material that it actually takes a bit of creativity to explore all of its practical uses.

I’ve found use for it in the kitchen, the bathroom, and my bedroom, but I’m sure I still havent exhausted its potential yet. Here are some of my findings so far :)

If you’ve discovered any great uses for Stick UM! let us know!


UM! Brands site launched!

Hooraay we’re live!
After months of hard work and gallons of sweat and tears, the site and blog are finally live.

On our site you’ll be able to peruse and buy our finished products :)
While if you’re interested in our musings and experiments as we continue to innovate and come up with new ideas, or just to say hello, the blog is where you should be!

If you have any feedback or suggestions about how we can make our site or blog better, please let us know!